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When the Sanctuary is No Longer Safe

sanctuary (n.) early 14c., “building set apart for holy worship,” from Anglo-French sentuarie, Old French saintuaire “sacred relic, holy thing; reliquary, sanctuary,” from Late Latin sanctuarium “a sacred place, shrine” (especially the Hebrew Holy of Holies; see sanctum), also “a private room,” from Latin sanctus “holy” (see saint (n.)). Since the time of Constantine and […]

Discipleship Diary

My dear friend and accountability partner, Kevin Bult, wrote this in his latest Missionary Update: Over the last year I started compiling a list of men who have impacted my life. My interaction with the men on my list is varied. Some of the men I knew for years and spent countless hours with, while […]

Winning Our Wars in The Blogosphere

We’ve all seen it. In fact, I admit there are times when a salacious blog post title will cause me to skip right over the article and go directly to the discussions to see what sort of vitriol is being spewed. Let me come right out and say, dear Christian Brother and Sister, we will […]

One of the most concise and powerful paragraphs I have ever read…

It’s time I got back to blogging. I’m sure I will find some things to write about, but for now, I wanted to share a passage from Paul Tripp’s book, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands. In speaking of the necessity of confrontation, Tripp writes: Confrontation does not force a person to deal with you, but […]