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We Are “They”

In our staff meeting the other day, my Administrative Assistant, Laurie and I were talking about when folks leave the church. She was reminiscing about conversations she has had over the years where folks who had been a part of our fellowship for a very long time were lamenting some parts of “church” they thought […]

How do you pastor when you are away?

I’m not a heavy traveler. I haven’t reached “Joe Thorn” or “Mike Abendroth” status when it comes to speaking engagements and travel (those guys will love that I name dropped). But there are times when any of us who pastor are far away and can’t get back to our flocks very easily. This happened to […]

Independence Does Not Preclude Interdependence

I am a networker. One of my best friends calls me his “Social Butterfly” friend. I enjoy people and I enjoy relationships. In our move to Peoria in November of 2012, I sought to use this strength (or maybe weakness), as a means to connect with pastors and churches in our area, who stand with […]

Church Revitalization

Here’s a great quote I found from Thom Rainer, where he cautions about throwing the baby out with the bath water in older “church growth” books, especially those focused on obeying the Great Commission. “Church revitalization is critical in as many as 300,000 Protestant churches, perhaps even more. I am so grateful for the theological […]

Sonic Youth

Amber and I will leave in a few hours to take our son Jonah and his friend and fellow FBC StuMin attender Julian to Ascend Summer Camp. Ascend is put on by our former church New Community and their awesome youth pastors Jeremiah Kirberg and Jason Todd, as well as their incredible staff. Like all […]