Discipleship Diary

My dear friend and accountability partner, Kevin Bult, wrote this in his latest Missionary Update:

Over the last year I started compiling a list of men who have impacted my life. My interaction with the men on my list is varied. Some of the men I knew for years and spent countless hours with, while others I knew only briefly. Some spent what seemed to be too little time on this earth while others were blessed with many days. The common denominator among these men is that I saw in them something genuine, something that is easier observed than described. I saw in them an infectious love for God, a sincere love for people, and an unmatched passion to communicate the truth of God’s Word.

As I reflect on these men and their investment in my life I am forced to ask myself “Whose life am I impacting for eternity right now?” We all have the ability to influence and impact someone, and as Christians we must leave the impression of Christ upon those that know us.

Do those that know us have a better understanding of God’s character and His Word because of the time they spend with us? A neutral impact is failure. May we be those that leave others impressed with the greatness of our Savior.

I love the challenge of this on many levels. I often say to the dear folks of FBC, “Who are you leading? Who are you following? Who is your peer, your Barnabas?” The church is about making disciples of Jesus who follow us as we follow Him as we follow others who exemplify Him!


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