Winning Our Wars in The Blogosphere


We’ve all seen it. In fact, I admit there are times when a salacious blog post title will cause me to skip right over the article and go directly to the discussions to see what sort of vitriol is being spewed.

Let me come right out and say, dear Christian Brother and Sister, we will likely not see a skeptic or liberal converted in the discussion box of the blogosphere. Now, I’m not saying God can’t do it, certainly he could. What I am saying is, we are likely waisting our energy with people who cannot see our facial expressions or hear our tones.

The truth is, most of these “debates” are really people from both sides getting out their frustrations with the other in anonymity. The responses from so called Christians are so lacking in love and devoid of any real Biblical knowledge (or context) and the atheists/liberals arguments are so lacking in understanding of true Biblical Christianity, that it becomes little more than us shooting ones and zeros back and forth across cyberspace. Dear Believer, this is not the turf for these kinds of conversations.

Let me ask, when is the last time you used that sort of energy for walking across your yard to your neighbor’s door and inviting them for dinner, so you might have an opportunity to share the gospel with them? When we are face to face with each other, we are generally more kind and gentle, even when we disagree. It does depend somewhat upon the topic and maturity level of those in the conversation, but generally, when we are sitting down with someone, it is less likely that we will see tempers raised and words flying. I pray that we would never see the level of bitterness that is displayed in some of the online “conversations” that I have witnessed (That is reserved for Thanksgiving and family reunions).

There are certainly times when evangelism is a “one time encounter” ordeal. God has given me those opportunities on planes or interactions around town, and I pray that seeds have been planted and that others will come along and water. But likely we are only going to have real meaningful long term gospel conversations with those whom God puts in our every day life. We need to be looking for and building those relationships.

Ultimately, most of the interactions I see in the blogosphere are not evangelistic at all. Really they are just people trying to win wars in cyberspace.

Let’s commit to going out and seeking those who need to hear the gospel in real life. We will likely encounter someone else’s angry atheist or misguided liberal blog companions and be able to share Christ with them face to face.



  1. Jason – This is a great reminder. I wrote a similar blog post on this very thing…

    1. Thanks, Dave! I’ll check out your post.

  2. Truth!! (and I admit that I’ve skipped down to the comments as well)

  3. Thanks! Great reminder of where are energies should be focused when sharing our faith.
    (by the way, I’m a bit of a purest, I read the story first, don’t just skip to the “end”)

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