In our staff meeting the other day, my Administrative Assistant, Laurie and I were talking about when folks leave the church. She was reminiscing about conversations she has had over the years where folks who had been a part of our fellowship for a very long time were lamenting some parts of “church” they thought […]

sanctuary (n.) early 14c., “building set apart for holy worship,” from Anglo-French sentuarie, Old French saintuaire “sacred relic, holy thing; reliquary, sanctuary,” from Late Latin sanctuarium “a sacred place, shrine” (especially the Hebrew Holy of Holies; see sanctum), also “a private room,” from Latin sanctus “holy” (see saint (n.)). Since the time of Constantine and […]

My dear friend and accountability partner, Kevin Bult, wrote this in his latest Missionary Update: Over the last year I started compiling a list of men who have impacted my life. My interaction with the men on my list is varied. Some of the men I knew for years and spent countless hours with, while […]

I’m not a heavy traveler. I haven’t reached “Joe Thorn” or “Mike Abendroth” status when it comes to speaking engagements and travel (those guys will love that I name dropped). But there are times when any of us who pastor are far away and can’t get back to our flocks very easily. This happened to […]

I am a networker. One of my best friends calls me his “Social Butterfly” friend. I enjoy people and I enjoy relationships. In our move to Peoria in November of 2012, I sought to use this strength (or maybe weakness), as a means to connect with pastors and churches in our area, who stand with […]